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The thought of a mother cannot be separated from that of love. 
 She is the purest instrument of “Goding” you will ever know.
The face of your Mother is one of the most beautiful you’ll ever see. 
 Her boundless source of love is an inexhaustible treasure - - one of
the greatest gifts you will ever receive.
 Mom is your truest friend.  When trouble looms over you she will
 cling to you and always have your back.  Her counsel endeavors to
 dissipate the clouds of darkness that beset you and cause peace to 
return to your heart.
To love your Mother is soothing and natural.  It’s like quenching your
 thirst with a glass of cold lemonade on a scorching summer’s day. 
You are like a book your Mother has read a million times and knows
 every word by heart.  She knows you better than you know yourself.
A Mother’s love follows you to all eternity.
  Her love is indelibly etched in your heart and soul.
The bond between a Mother and child is the most sacred 
coupling of all Godly unions. God couldn’t be everywhere
 so he gave us mothers.
Becoming a Mother is the best gift a woman can give – and is the best
 gift that she could ever receive.
The loving touch of a Mother’s hand is sweetness… it’s the nectar of God.
The timid, affable Mother will become a fierce warrior
 to protect her kids. She’d valiantly lay-down her life for 
her child, if it came down to that.
There is a chasm between my heart and soul where
 the spirit of my Mother lies.
Mother may hold you in her arms for a short while,
 but she will hold you in her heart forever.
How can it be that we can forget Mother and remember 
God and remember Mother and forget God? These two 
sacred beings, partners in creation, love, sacrifice and service,
 are as one.
 A Mothers love blankets your soul and endeavors to keep 
you well and whole.
It is virtually impossible to be a perfect Mother, but there are 
a million ways to be a good one.
God only knows the fortitude and courage, tolerance and 
flexibility, patience and firmness that a mother needs.  
Along with every other brave aspect of the human spirit.
There are a thousand different ways that a Mother can fail,
 while a father’s primary job is: “do not abandon this child.”
There was a time when I felt closer to my Mother in her death 
than in her life.  An affection born simply by thinking of her often,
 missing her, and seeing her face when I looked into the mirror.  But
 I realized that this was an illusion, a mirage, and the distance between
 her life and death is infinite and unyielding.
“Turn off the Light” -- the universal language of a Mother.
A Mother’s love is the foundation of all love.  Her heart is your true paradise. 
To lose your Mother is to lose the whole universe.
To Mommy & Daddy…
I carry you in my heart – Always
Where ever I go, you go
Whatever I do, is your doing
When I breath, I breath with you
When I take a step, I walk with you too
I imagine your spirits filling all of my 
Living spaces…Oh! Mommy and Daddy
How I miss seeing your beautiful faces
I have profound comfort, knowing you are
Still hear, because we are one, you did not
God says true love never dies, and this my
Darlings I have come to realize
My love for you dwells deep within my soul…
What a wonderful blessing to behold
Mommy and Daddy, before I go, there is 
Something I want you to know…and that is,
I miss you so
With Eternal Love—Your Baby Daughter
Sage Crystal
P.S.  I hope you would have been proud of the 
Person I’ve become!
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