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He doesn’t have to own a mansion sitting atop a hill

He doesn’t need to drive a brand new automobile

He doesn’t know the gossip cursing through his town

He has no use of words for tearing others down

He doesn’t fall into anger, always looking for a fight

He will stand against the world for what he feels is right

He raises his children to be strong ladies or as men

Although if they need his strength, his shoulder is there for them

He always handles his business, works until his body aches

Providing for his family, he does what is takes

He’s a leader of his domain, gladly doing his part

Even as he tires, thoughts of his loved ones fill his heart

He chastises his children when he catches them breaking the rules

Or when he has discovered they’ve been playing with his tools

A man will never raise his hand against his wife

He speaks kind, loving words that pierce her heart for life

A man is beheld beneath a power greater than his own

He takes responsibility for things happening in his home

He sets a strong example of the way a man should live

He humbly shares the blessings that a Godly man can give

A man’s choice of friends are those he trusts with all that he has

Those men and women who will stay even when times are bad

You’ll know a man’s worth when you travel by his side

When you find his friends at every highway or by-way that he rides

No matter where you look you’ll see another hand to wave

The hands that belong to many who’s stories that he’ll save

A man is one who claims his life with all of his mistakes

Who will proudly lay down his life for his family’s sake

He is loved and respected by his family and friends

His life is lived by conviction of a faith that never bends

No matter the thoughts and words of fools you hear who speak

Our Creator who made the world has shown examples we should seek

God set the role for man to play since the very dawn of time

And we have never known Almighty God to ever change His mind

He could have been the kind of man who takes all that he could get

Who steps upon the hands of others he has met

But there is something he has seen that others could not

For God’s voice he tightly holds and never forgot

He’s the kind of man that God wishes for all men to be

As all men should strive to be as respectable as he

He has set the best example that any man can

A Godly, Loving, Strong, Real…BEAUTIFUL MAN

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