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I coach people in all areas of life:  executives, professionals, athletes, artists, and individuals to help them grow and maximize their strengths, reach their potential, and achieve results.

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I am so very grateful that I have gained enough wisdom, understanding and knowledge that I can now take on a leadership and teaching role in society .

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I have been interested in helping people overcome challenges, improve their lives and expand their experiences ever since I became a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in the mid-1990s.  Even as a small child, my friends always looked up to me as a leader and someone they could come to for advice.  Astonishingly, even adults respected and trusted my opinion.  So I think, in many ways, I’ve been a Life Coach my entire life. 

Growing up, my life was a far cry from the lollipops and sunshine descriptions you hear from so many others.  I always felt like I was a drunken little song-bird thrown in a nest of owls. Not having a place to call my own (lack of inner-peace), not knowing how to be or where I belonged (insecure).   I didn’t have a role-model or anyone at all to teach me about love or “self-love”, confidence, inner-peace, beauty, strength, or any of those vital foundational attributes that children need in order to flower and grow into healthy, happy, secure adults. 

Yet, through all of my struggles and the ups-and-downs in my life, one thing that has always remained constant with me has been a profound streak of kindness, since of duty, and compassion toward others.

Something else that has never left me that has been an unrelenting guiding force in my life has been a strong inner-voice.  That immutable voice that keeps you up at night and persistently harasses you during the day, that never allowed me to totally give up on myself or throw in the towel.  This voice, which I believe was my soul infused with the spirit of God that allowed me to see my way through the darkest of times and bring my being into the light. 




"Sage, I want to say thank you for helping me get my life on track.  Your coaching helped me see things so much clearer.  I was able to understand how our perspectives really affect our lives.  The different tools and methods you used helped me view my life and see how I was not living up to my potential and how important it is to have balance.  Your nutritional and spiritual wisdom is amazing.  I now have a better relationship with my wife, family and friends.  I am a healthier, happier, person because of your teachings.  I look forward to your website and all the wisdom that you will share with the world.   Best wishes to you!"

 ~  C. Buchannon, Atlanta, GA



"Sage Crystal is one of the most organized and intuitive individuals I have ever met. She has an impressive ability of being able to identify underlying issues from the very first consultation. She can sit with you and design a strategic plan that allows for your own insight to break through about why you might be encountering the personal/professional/spiritual obstacles that you are facing. I am still benefiting from our sessions, which took place almost a year ago. She has the right balance of rationality and spiritual awareness that is very rare to find. I’ve meet other people who have been her clients as well and so I can attest to her ability to inspire and guide others to persevere on their own paths. Because she is so perceptive, she can be very direct about making you face the underlying issues we might not be ready to come face to face with. I think this is a plus. Her background is so diverse (her education, her interests, her hobbies, network, her values, her skills) that I cannot think of anyone who would not find what she has to offer relevant/helpful to their own personal journey. If you want personal guidance about achieving life goals or identifying what those goals might be, you definitely should schedule, at least, one meeting with this woman".

~ Elizabeth W. Miami, FL



"Sage, You Rock!  Thank you for helping me get healthier and sleep better.  I love the NEW ME!  I have so much more energy. I can’t wait for your new website.  I’m going to be your best customer!"  

~ Shawn, Philly, PA



"Hi Sage, last year while I was going through a serious rough -patch, your coaching helped me not only get through it, but I became a changed person.  I am a better human-being because of your wisdom and advice.  I continue to build on the things I learnt from you and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me.  You are a phenomenal coach and teacher".

~ M. Smith, Ardmore, PA


“Sage, just wanted to say congratulations for everything you’ve done so far with SageCrystal.net. You have been a great inspiration and resource for me in my journey from (miserable) corporate employee to (blissfully happy) entrepreneur.  I can say, without a doubt, that your information and ideas will be a blessing to your clients and subscribers as it has been for me. Please keep up the good work.”

~ D.Whittaker, New York, NY

My Passion

My passion for health, fitness and personal transformation led me to become a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Consultant over 20 years ago >>>>

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Sage Crystal, excelled as an athlete and achieved many accolades and rewards stemming back to her days of youth athletics. >>>>


I mostly work one-on-one with clients, but now I’m expanding my skill-set to lead workshops where I teach tools to help others become more >>>>

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